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5 Benefits of Essential Oil Aroma Roller Balls

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Essential oils are an amazing gift given to us by our mother nature. They impact its therapeutic effects on the body, mind and spirit by being inhaled or absorbed into the skin. You can mix your favourite oils and create your own aromatherapy products by following the recipes of professionals. But if you are new to aromatherapy and the art of blending oils, it would be better to use ready-made blends developed by experts.

Our LetZest Aromatherapy store presents a range of Tisserand aromatherapy roll-ons, filled with blends designed to help promote general wellbeing and relieve everyday stresses.

What are aromatherapy rollerballs, and what are their benefits?

The aroma rollerball blends are a combination of essential oils that all work well together. They utilise its aroma to stimulate subtle changes in our moods and feelings. The blends promote something specific like relaxation, energy boost, happiness and much more.

1. The Most Convenient Way to Apply Essential Oils

The aroma rollerball blends are supplied in small roll-on bottles. They are very simple to use. For maximum benefits, better to apply aromatherapy rolls at the pulse points, such as temples, neck, behind ears or wrists. By massaging the blends into pulse points, tiny amounts of essential oils pass through the skin into the bloodstream to provide physical benefits. It activates essential oils and stimulates blood circulation. To further accentuate the effect, you may keep inhaling the aroma rolls from your skin or directly from the bottle.

2. Safe Way to Enjoy Essential Oils

The aromatherapy roller balls contain pre-diluted essential oils. It means you don’t have to buy carrier oil and worry about dilution rates. All the blending has already been done for you. No risk of spills, no chance of getting the wrong proportion of oils – they are all ready to go.

3. Customised Blends to Meet Your Needs

Each aromatherapy blend is designed to support your daily wellbeing needs. They have been carefully crafted and tested by Tisserand aromatherapy experts. All Essential Oil blends are pure, natural, vegan and free from parabens and synthetic fragrances. Just choose from blends that help you to drift off to sleep, de-stress your mind and naturally boost your energy levels. Give it a try.

The Energy High Pulse Point Roller Ball presented by Lime, Grapefruit and Orange Leaf essential oils blend to keep you full of energy during a day. The Total De-Stress Pulse Point Roller Ball includes Geranium, Orange and Nutmeg oils that help you cope with everyday stresses and anxieties. The Sleep Better Pulse Point Roller Ball blend includes Jasmine, Sandalwood and Lavender to help you drift off into a deep sleep. The Happy Vibes rollerball combines zesty Lemon Tea Tree, refreshing Bergamot and cheering Nutmeg to bring an instant burst of happiness. Also, check out the Little Boxes of Sleep, Relaxation and Energy.

4. They Smell Amazing

The blends are not only endowed with wonderful therapeutic properties, but they also have amazing scents. Citrusy, flowery, herby, woody and much more. Various studies have shown that the scents of essential oils create a very powerful and direct effect on our emotions and moods.

5. You Can Take Them Anywhere

The roll-on bottles are about the size of lipstick. It is ideal for placing them inside your pocket or handbag to carry with you anywhere. It allows you to experience aromatherapy on the go.

I discovered Tisserand aromatherapy roller balls about two years ago. I wanted to try the products before adding them to our store. And I fell in love with these pretty little things. Each blend is so well-thought-out and so helpful. I have found “my scents” and use them quite often. Sometimes I even use them as perfumes. They make me feel happier and less stressed. Keep your favourite aroma roll-ons on your desk, in your pocket or handbag and apply throughout the day as needed. Having essential oils in roll-ons makes life so much easier.

Stay positive, healthy, full of energy and love.

Lana D.

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